Tampoprint Northeast
Offical Tampoprint dealer for Canada and the Northeastern United States
New and Used Pad Printers
The machines below are in stock and are avalible.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
  1. Hermetic 6-12
    Hermetic 6-12
    Includes: -Automatic tape off device -Maximum printing speed: 2400 pts/hr -Print delay and multi print options -Automation port for simple integration
  2. Sealed Ink Cup 90
    Sealed Ink Cup 90
    -All pneumatic pad printer -Fully adjustable pad strokes -Adjustable XY table -1800 cycles/hr max speed
  3. Sealed Ink Cup 130E
    Sealed Ink Cup 130E
    -Electro-pneumatic control -Fully adjustable pad strokes -1600 cycles/hr max speed -120mm max print diameter